The curse of being handsome

There's a forum discussion going on now about pretty girls being attracted to ugly men.

The King of Rock was one of the most good-looking fellas in showbiz but his main attraction was his singing, musical and acting skills, not looks

While I don't think that any woman finds ugly men attractive, I do think that being exceptionally handsome can be a curse. Being attractive tends to trigger a lot of irrational fears. Anyone dating you will think that all the women are throwing themselves at you because of your attractiveness. This will make your partner insecure and overly possessive. So, if you’re hot, be prepared to work twice as hard in securing your partner’s trust.

Although you may be confident in yourself, your partner might not be. Women do not want to come across as the less attractive one in the relationship. Women will either pick someone equally attractive or someone a few notches down in the looks catergory. Men may want trophy wives, but women do not want trophy husbands.

People often assume that attractive people are dumb because movies and TV shows often portray handsome men and pretty women as air heads. This makes it difficult for an attractive man to be taken seriously. You will also find it difficult to figure out who is genuinely interested in you and who is just treating you as arm candy. You will end up on many dates with insincere women before you get the hang of judging people's intentions. Such processes of elimination can become exhausting.

Further, men who are not attractive in the looks department, tend to work harder for the attention of women. They acquired a good repertoire of jokes, worked on their charm and cultivated engaging personalities because they know they cannot rely on their looks to get the girl.

So if you think you're as handsome as the King of Rock, I suggest you do not rely on your good looks alone when it comes to love. Sure, your washboard abs or Bon Jovi head of hair may make heads turn but you need to hone other skills like conversational skills, listening ability and wit if you want to attract the woman of your dreams.

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pimpernel (About 2 years ago)
Yes, it is true, women get insecure if their husbands or boyfriends are better looking, or more youthful looking. I have a friend who keeps asking: does my husband look younger than me? Knowing very well that he does.

I've always thought personality is something innate, you either have it or you don't. Whatever else you practise to acquire, is just that - a facade, which gets found out over time.

So, be yourself, BE SINCERE.
pimpernel (About 2 years ago)
Having said that, if you are the insincere sort, there's no way you can maintain the facade of sincerity over time, so why pretend?

You may get the girl of your dreams but your personalities may not jive, so in the end, just find someone your type
Flightstick (About 2 years ago)
Even when Elvis grew fat in his later years, he still attracted large audiences because of his musical abilities