New Rules for Dating in 2014

The dating game is always evolving, and the rules change with it. If you stick to your old ways... dating like it's 1993... you won't get anywhere in 2014... so here are some new rules for dating to consider.

1. Be Honest

So many of my friends have told me about their bad dates. They stated reasons like, "he had bad breath" or "her hair was disgusting". And yet none of them actually told these reasons to the person who really needed to hear it. So in 2014, feeback these reasons to whoever you're dating... even if you don't ever want to go on  asecond date with them. It's the right thing to do. So they know the reason, and hopefully, they can change it so their next date (with someone else or perhaps you) will more likely be a success. If someone told you why you 'failed' the first date, yes, the truth will sting at first... but you can take that criticism and not repeat the mistakes.

2. Talk Freely

Also in the spirit of honesty, in 2014... don't be gagged by conversation topics Do's and Don'ts. There's no such thing anymore! Bring up any topic you feel is worthy of being discussed... politics, religion, etc. Afterall, you're not on a date for any other reason other than to see if someone is a good fit for you. If she takes offense on an opinion of yours which you yourself don't deem to be offensive... then you probably aren't a good match to begin with.

3. Deal Breakers

Know and evaluate what your deal breakers are. All those reasons why you dumped dates in the past... re-evaluate and decide if it's a deal breaker you wan't to keep in 2014. Perhaps dating a short girl or a girl with braces or a girl who cannot dance... isn't such a deal breaker afterall?

4. Just Call Her

In this digital age, there are so many ways to contact a person. An SMS, a Facebook message, an eMail... the list goes on. So you send her a message, she doesn't reply straight away.. making you wonder if she's lost interest, or maybe just busy? Or maybe she never got the message... in which case, should you message her again? Will it make you look desperate? You know what? Just pick up the phone and call her! Sometimes the classic way of asking a girl out, is still be best way.

5. Follow Up

If you enjoyed your date with her and would like another one. Follow up immediately! You can do this towards the end of the date by saying that you enjoyed her company very much and would like to see her again. Or suggest an activity for a second date, "hey, would you like to go watch that movie this weekend?". If the date has already ended, and you've not yet indicated any iterest to see her again, do it within 24hours ( i.e. Call her!). The old rule about waiting for 3 days in order not to seem desperate is outdated. In this day and age... too much can happen in 3 days. Ain't nobody got time to wait while you play it cool!

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