Are you listening to me?

Does your girlfriend talk to you while you're watching something exciting on TV? And when you later have no idea what she was talking about, does she get very upset?

When women use the phrase “Listen to me”, you are still safe, she is giving you a second chance to engage in the conversation. But when she says, “Are you listening???”, you are dead. She will most likely make sure the rest of the day is going to be unpleasant for you. 

Well, that's because she interprets your lack of attention as the lack of care or love for her. Women crave communication, they want to be heard. Listening is one of the more important aspects of any relationship. When she's trying to tell you something important, just stop for a few minutes and pay attention. Perhaps it might waste a few minutes of your time, but the pay off is worth it.

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KUENKEAT (About 2 years ago)
Depends very much on what she says.
KUENKEAT (About 2 years ago)
But don't ignore. Constant communication is very important, stop talking too long and you may find it hard to start again.
fan4 (About 2 years ago)
if a woman is so demanding, how come man still continue to stick to her? just for free sex?
hellokitty (About 2 years ago)
haha..pretty much so..

but can we guys to be blamed? i mean most of the times guys deemed all these "big problems" as solvable questions within a few mins when woman just love to plan..

But i guess we can't blame them as well, they derive joy in the planning process as well..Cause that's when they deem you as giving them a " DAMN! "

lol......oh well...that's life....and welcome to Singapore:p
hellokitty (About 2 years ago)
and why is my nick